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p Straight Guy News Alert: Tuesday November 15, 2016
Today's Newest Straight Guys - (Part 1)

Today's Featured Straight Guys:   

Straight Newbie Mika Throat Fucks Teo - 


Straight Footballer Levi Gets Sucked Hard

Levi is a hot, young, AFL footballer from Northcote, Melbourne Victoria. His team is Collingwood. We flew him to Queensland for this shoot. He works as a landscape gardener all over Melbourne and Geelong.

We have already done a shoot about a year ago with one of his footballer mates, who referred him to us. He is from Canada originally. He told us of many times older females and also males have put it on him when he has been doing his gardening work. Think he has done a couple of the girls, only as he is str8.

He likes them older in 40’s. He has a very big - over eager, cock that got hard fast. When he climaxed and spurted all over the expert sucker, after relentlessly being sucked for some time, he was in no hurry to take it out of the hole. Letting the sucker continue to do him for some time afterwards. Levi is simply hot !

Straight Footballer Levi Gets Sucked Hard at






Straight Baker Blows It All Over Jamie's Ass

The young stud surprises her - he gives her quite fucking! The chemistry between them really kicks in when she flips him over and rides him. Baker is in awe with the capable coed. He wants to show her as good of a time as she’s showing him. Flipping her to doggy-style, he picks up speed and drives in deep into her. This new tempo drives her wild! She grunts and moans with horny enthusiasm. Baker starts cumming and we see his load shoot out as he’s pulling out of her pussy to finish off on her ass!

Straight Baker Blows It All Over Jamie's Ass at

Straight Newbie Mika Throat Fucks Teo

We set the video up as a side-by-side jerk-off, hoping to get Mika to reach out and play with his buddy's cock. Teo rims him, and it gets a little awkward as Mika was not expecting some anal attention. I am sure Teo's whiskers tickled too!

Best moment in this scene is when Mika fucks Teo's face while he is on his back, head draped over the edge of the bed. I don't think Teo has ever had a cock that far down his throat before, and I believe Mika was enjoying making him gag on it! He had a devilish smile much of the time!

Mika jerks his cock and unloads thick ropes of cum on Teo's face. 

This guy is a total package. Mika has a hot body, very handsome, and great uncut cock!

Straight Newbie Mika Throat Fucks Teo at

Straight Roman Rubs His Meaty Cock

21 yo  5'10"  38" chest  29" waist  straight  7.5" cock

Ronan is a young straight man who is a muay thai expert and loves playing loads of sports. All that exercise seems to have resulted with a young man who is pumping full of hormones because when this young athlete pulls down his boxers, his uncut cock goes straight up. He has one of those great uncut rockets that sticks straight up and it’s a big fat rocket too! 

Ronan loves playing with his cock and he can still remember his first ever cum shot that made him weak at the knees. He shows off his hairless body and bends over and gives us a right good view of his smooth hole. After lots of wanking and bum showing he lies back and squirts a nice load of cum on his abs. Well done Ronan.

Straight Roman Rubs His Meaty Cock at





Straight Hunk Brad Milks His Thick Dick

This is Brad Powers and he's a stone cold STUD! I think he'll make a quick home for himself among our growing roster, and make some great, lifelong friends during here journey here at AD. Once he's off and running, Brad strips down to a nice, tight pair of black boxer briefs. I like that choice for Brad, as they seem to fit his style and persona quite well. Before he unsheathes his python, Brad takes some time to rub his snake while it's still caged. When Brad does quit teasin' us and finally shows us that cock of his, WOW, what payoff! He is hung just like we like 'em. 

While Brad enjoys his fully erect dick on the nice, cushioned jerk seat, Claude gets low and close to show us a tight view of that greasy cock getting rubbed and tugged. Then we get Brad standing up for a change, with Clade moving underneath for a upward view. Here we see Brad's tight balls, thick cock, and handsome face, all wrapped up in a sweet package! Claude moves over the top to show us what Brad sees. Take a look at that shapely dick! Brad is chiseled from stone and (hopefully) ready to bone. I just can't wait to see that hard cock slippin' into one of our other recruits.

Straight Hunk Brad Milks His Thick Dick at



 Straight Guy News Alert: Monday November 14, 2016
Today's Newest Straight Guys - (Part 1)

Today's Featured Straight Guys:   

Straight Braxton Breeds Colt's Ass - 


Straight Young Stud Lets Bobby Suck It

Cute young guy with dark hair gets naked and lets Bobby service him in the recliner.

Straight Young Stud Lets Bobby Suck It at



Straight Braxton Breeds Colt's Ass

I don’t think any of us will ever tire of seeing Colt get fucked, which makes it perfect that he’s taken to it so well and clearly has come to enjoy it so much.  When you look at Colt’s ass, you can see it was just made to get fucked; when you see that hot face, you can see it was just made to have that look of ecstasy on it as he gets railed; when you hear his voice, you know it’s at its best and sexier than ever when moaning out for someone to fuck him harder, as he does with Braxton here.

It doesn’t take too long in this episode for Braxton to get Colt face down and ass up, with his dick inside him and plowing away.  Colt loves that, and his grunts and moans are sincere, sexy, and supremely hot. 

Finally, while Colt’s ass definitely looks hot getting fucked, it looks even hotter with Braxton’s load leaking out of it after Braxton’s shot up inside him - something that pushes Colt over the edge to blow his own load all over.

Straight Braxton Breeds Colt's Ass at

Str8/Bi Jordan Jacks His Thick Brown Cock

Jordan Easton hit me up to do some videos, while I was looking for models to dive right into full-on sex for the week of Thanksgiving's 'Extra Butt-Stuffing' Marathon. His timing was perfect.

He has done video work in the past, but took some time off to hit the gym. He had been working on getting more buff, so he was ready to jump back in.

Jordan says he is Bi in the video, but pretty sure he is playing mostly on Team Gay these days. He likes all kinds of guys, but despite having a larger playing field with his diverse taste in guys, he feels he has actually had more full-on sex on camera vs. at home.

He seems pretty verse, but will usually opt to bottom more often if the energy is right.

I had him do a solo to gauge his energy and see how would do with multiple cameras going, so it is a laid-back but fun jerk-off session.

He will be back next week to get that big meaty ass fucked!

Str8/Bi Jordan Jacks His Thick Brown Cock at




Straight Anders Reams Rob's Brown Hole

Anders has returned to the MC studios in need of some serious cash so I set up the cameras and before long Anders was sitting in front of my television monitor watching some porn and ready to make some cash. Watch as Anders shows off his 8 inch uncut cock then rams it up Rob's ass delivering an orgasm that literally made him almost pass out!

You see Anders has a girlfriend but he also has his fun on the side but what the girlfriend doesn't know is he's having fun on the side with other men. Watch as this boy loves to fun around Rob's ass making the brown butt riddled with white jizz! Enjoy!

Straight Anders Reams Rob's Brown Hole at

Straight Hottie Garrett Works It Out

Garrett is a hottie. He very clearly takes care of his body and likes trying new things, so he came to the right place here at Sean Cody.

 He started to tell us what he likes, “I like to work out, obviously.” 

We stopped him, “Why do you say ‘obviously’?”

It didn’t take long for him to show off his abs. Hard work pays off…especially when it shows on a full length mirror after a good rub out!

Straight Hottie Garrett Works It Out at




 Straight Guy News Alert: Saturday November 12, 2016
Today's Newest Straight Guys - (Part 1)

Today's Featured Straight Guys:   

Straight Steven & Thomas' Bi 3 Way - 


Straight Liam Used Like A Whore

Now that we've nabbed our very own personal scally driver we take him back to our lair for extended vicious sexual cruelty on his stupid hetero cunt. That sexy young arse of his is too good to be sat on all day. He's bound arse up. Liam's track suit bottoms are easy to slide up to fully expose that furry bum. His arsehole is so tight we need to use a metal speculum to wrench it open and widen his sphincter. Now that big gaping hole is begging to be filled! 

Miserable moaner Liam is helpless to stop us gobbing and pissing straight into his precious straight rectum. We want to seal all that goodness inside him so fill his arse with a butt plug and pull a jock strap over so the fucker can't squeeze it out. We fit an electric collar around his cock and balls so now we can shock him with just the press of a button. The sorry bastard now knows to follow our every command!

Straight Liam Used Like A Whore at

Str8/Bi JC Takes Cash's Big Dick

It had been over a year since JC has had a cock in his ass so he got himself a little worked up before things got rolling. Once he got a look a Cash's big cock, JC was ready to get the action started. Cash wasn't nervous at all, he was looking forward to his first on camera fucking.

JC dropped to his knees and took Cash's dick deep into his wet warm mouth. Both of these studs have obviously had their share of blow jobs because they both suck dick like a guy wants it; slow, wet and deep. If I let them go on, we wouldn't have made it to the fucking on the first round.

Fact of the mater is that these studs did fuck for a good couple of hours. Cash leaned back on the bed and JC climbed up on top and took Cash's fat piece of meat into his tight hole. Once he got going, JC got on his feet and rode Cash like a champ, swallowing that cock with his hole. JC let Cash fuck him until Cash was ready to dump his load. Cash pulled out and fed his seed to JC's eager mouth. YUM!

Str8/Bi JC Takes Cash's Big Dick at

Straight Shooter Anthony Lets The Jism Fly

Anthony was on the high school wrestling team, along with the baseball and football teams. Wrestlers, though, have a special kind of bond. After practice one time, he and a teammate pulled out a laptop and decided to rub one out together in the locker room. To be a fly on the wall!

Anthony said that he normally tries to use a towel or something when he jerks off to catch the cum. Apparently, he'd had the experience one too many times of hitting himself in the eye. With a little cash bonus incentive, he agreed to let it fly unobstructed. He wasn't kidding about being a shooter. Streams of Anthony's cum landed over his head and smack dab onto his mouth.

Straight Shooter Anthony Lets The Jism Fly at

Straight Johnny Peels Off His Briefs

Johnny has proved to be the most popular model we have featured this year and one of the most popular ever so when we were in Sydney recently shooting models he was a natural choice. Johnny got his pants off and later his jocks his attraction went into overdrive as he played with his cock which led it it getting hard and then pulling himself off. 

Good looks/Great Body/ Stylish – Johnny is irritably Hot, Hot, Hot !

Straight Johnny Peels Off His Briefs at












Straight Steven & Thomas' Bi 3 Way

Thomas and Steven unleash their hot bodies to immerse themselves in a scorching hot sexual adventure!

They split Jamie equally, all the while being keenly aware of each other’s proximity - and being turned on by it! Steven goes down on Thomas, and the naughty touch drives him wild - which turns him into a horny fuck machine! Thomas sets his sights on Steven’s ass and soon we have Steven on his back, getting double-fucked by both guy and girl! Thomas fucks a load out of Steven - then has him swallow up his hearty nut!

Straight Steven & Thomas' Bi 3 Way at

Straight Married Franco Loves Getting FUCKED

Both guy's in today's video had a tough time holding back from cumming. It surprised Franco. He does enjoy getting fucked, but he is often whispering, "Not so deep." or has his hand there to slow the guys down. But Regan had the perfect size cock for him, and it made him bust right away. You can see he is trying to hold it back!

He spills his load, then Regan laps up every last bit, sharing a cum-soaked kiss. Not to be out done, Franco laps up Regan's cum, cleaning his buddy's cock.

Please pay special attention to Regan's rimming skills! Now that is Top that loves to eat ass!

Straight Married Franco Loves Getting FUCKED at

Straight Henry Fucksc Calan With All He's Got

Along with having an incredibly hot body and handsome face - Calan also knows how to go after a guy! He pulls Henry in, kissing him, stripping him down, and puts some work in on his dick! Calan runs his tongue up and down his shaft and gets that sizeable cock hard and ready!

Sitting on Henry’s big cock, Calan tells him to fuck up into him as he rides him - and from the look on Henry’s face it seems like he could blow right there and then! From there it’s a competition to see who’s going to cum first as they switch from riding to doggy-style, then missionary - where Calan again challenges Henry to fuck him with all he’s got! In driving in harder than ever to make Calan cum, Henry can’t hold back his load any longer. He cums hard and fast - and it’s shoots clear across Calan’s body and drenches across his face!

Straight Henry Fucks Calan With All He's Got at

Straight Barclay Gets His First Manhadling

Joel is back to push Barclay’s boundaries and he is right up for some fun; the shoot starts with a nice relaxing massage, Joel showing off his hand skills, he is quite some masseur and has soon got Barclay all relaxed and Joel is so good with his hands he soon has Barclay standing to attention! Barclay is loving it and can’t resist a go; Joel is naked and erect and Barclay is soon getting wanked by Joel and only too happy to return the favour and he grabs Joel’s great big uncut cock! 

Wow, lots of big cock action in this shoot, both lads must have at least 8 inches and real thick and judging by the amount of cum on Barclay he didn’t mind his first manhandling. Well done lads!

Straight Barclay Gets His First Manhandling at

Straight Miles Bulges Out Of His Shorts

Miles Richards is a straight fit young man from England. 

He is 19 years old, 6'1'' tall, 79 kgs, uncut, and plays many sports; his main sport and the theme for this photo shoot is: Footballer

Straight Miles Bulges Out Of His Shorts at









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