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Wannabe Thug Is Just A Cheap Whore

Danny Luca, Dalton Kramer, Clay

I met Dalton through on of those online ads. The ad stated he wanted to do porn, and the pics looked pretty good, so I initiated communication. Only when I picked him up at a bus stop (which was at a truck stop) off of the rural interstate did I realize that I hadn’t been communicating to Dalton at all, but to a “friend” of his. I wasn’t too upset, since Dalton was a baby-faced 18 year old pretty much down for whatever. He told me he was excited to get into the biz. When I pressed him further on who his friend was, he finally told me the whole story. At first I had thought that it was a middle aged gay guy, because I’ve had that happen more than once. However, his friend was an only slightly older straight dude who was setting him up in return for a cut. So, sort of like a pimp, only a friend-pimp. The ghetto these days is brutal!

I knew just the person to call to help me break in this teen hole: Danny. Danny came over after he got off of work, and we didn’t waste much time getting Dalton onto the bed and out of his clothes. He admitted that he had been butt-fucked before by a tranny, whom he referred to as his girlfriend. Some interesting stories this guy had! He wasn’t as loose as you might think, though, and the next day he confessed that his one and only attempt to take tranny dick wasn’t a complete success. Danny and I, however, were successful.

While Dalton was slobbering on Danny’s knob, I loosened up his beautiful smooth hole with a rim job, and before long Dalton was taking some bare cock into his freshly legal hole. It did take a while to get him accustomed to a cock in his ass, but we kept his mind off of it by facefucking him at the same time. Little tough guy getting spitroasted and bred was a pretty hot time! Although Dalton seemed pretty excited at the beginning, by the time his hole was blown out by two big dicks he wasn’t quite as happy, but he was still a trooper. Both Danny and I dumped out loads on and around his hole, and I licked up Danny’s cum from Dalton’s teen fuck hole. I love felching these newbie teens.

I tossed him some moolah after we were done with him, and he seemed pleased as punch again. As a matter of fact he spent the next 15 minutes snap chatting a wad of twenties and a small bottle of Crown that had been on the counter. All’s well that ends well! It’s just too bad that his ghetto bud was going to get half of his fistful.


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