Albie Wicks Gives Chris Little A Rough Ride –

Albie is right up for a devious session and who better to bring out his devious side than naughty Chris! The two lads are straight at it, with load of kissing, Chris is then showing Albie how a cock should be sucked! Albie’s uncut cock is as hard as a rock and before you know it Chris is sitting down on it and Albie is fucking Chris, slow to begin and Albie doesn’t do slow, so within seconds he is pumping Chris real hard. The lads are fucking increasingly hard and naughty Chris cant hold back any longer and he soon dumps his loads and just a minute later Albie shoots a massive loads of straight boy cum all over himself. Well done Albie, what an adventure fucking your first man.

Chris Little – Chris is a cheeky young lad with a great body that is well tanned and toned from his active life as a diving instructor and when not diving he plays rugby. His torso is almost hair free and his legs covered in a thick hardly noticeable blond hair.

Albie Wicks – Albie is a young man with big muscles, he has been training about 18 months and was a slim footballer build before he took the decision to grow a little! So quite a lot of muscle later you can see what he has done, a nice combination of muscle and good definition and he enjoys showing us his body and uncut cock which spends most of the shoot rock hard!

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