Trainer Joe’s Muscled Body & Rock Hard Cock –

Trainer Joe’s Muscled Body & Rock Hard Cock –

Joe is very new to modelling, he was a slim teenager and a couple of years ago he started going to the gym and changed his slim body to those nice proportions you see today. Along the way of growing his body he also decided to have a few tattoos and a sprinkling of piercings! Joe loves being naked and once his uncut cock is out he cant resist a fiddle and its soon rock hard, Joe goes rock solid, like a rocket ready to launch. Not shy, he shows off his body and leaves nothing undiscovered! After a nice body and cock workout he lies back and unloads a nice orgasm on his abs.

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Angel Shows Off His Thick Young Dick –

Our photographer went back to the same park where he met Demon a couple weeks ago in hopes of running into him again. Unfortunately he didn’t see Demon there but he did catch a glimpse of Angel doing push ups with no shirt on. As you can see working out at the park has worked out really well for him. He has a perfect cut up body and a cute face. Just the way we like our naked Latin men.

He turned out to be a friendly guy who also happened to need some money. We expected him to have a nice big uncut dick and he didn’t disappoint in that department but he also has a hot ass which he didn’t mind showing off.

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30something Jacob Gets His 1st Tongue Bath –

How can you tell a millennial? By his tattoo. So what’s with this sexy, smooth-skinned dude with the mile-wide smile who has nary a splotch of ink? Jacob’s sole nod to his generation is his tightly cropped beard and total lack of sexual boundaries. It may have taken 33 years for this lean, muscled bike messenger to find Brendon’s studio, but it just takes a few minutes to get him out of his clothes and hard as a rock.

If beauty is skin deep, this guy has the skin of Gods. Jacob is newly single, so he finds himself jacking off in every room of his pad, roommates be damned. Brendon moves in on his tasty balls and gives them a tongue bath before taking Jacob’s stiff poker all the way down. This scene is a hell of a ride for both guys with a pre-dick-table outcome!

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Hunky Cameron Blasts A Cocksucker at The Hole –

Cameron simply has the best body in all areas – abs/pecks/arse. It is a work of art. Sculptured by his frequent gym work outs and by playing Rugby. He comes from a French-Australian background in the western suburbs of Sydney. He supports the Bulldogs. Rugby team.. He got a hard cock quickly watching lesbian porn and soon thrusted it through the gloryhole, on command, to get it sucked. Watch as he thrusted it in and out of the suckers mouth.

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Skinny Marine Rhodes Succumbs To A Hot Mouth –

Skinny Marine Rhodes Succumbs To A Hot Mouth –

It took some work to convince this 24yo straight former Marine to allow a male to touch him in a sexual manner, in fact he told me that he’s never been hard in front of another male. Well after weeks of badgering, I finally convinced RHODES to let me suck his cock in his former uniform and he looks pretty hot in it. Watch as I blow this guy but good and Rhodes learns that BJs can be wonderful… Check this one out.

Rhodes would dart back and forth from the porn on the monitor to what I was doing between his legs as I began to lick his balls and cock, making it stiffen, and then working it would a warm, wet tongue until it was rock hard and pulsating when I began to take the head in my mouth. Rhodes definitely enjoyed that prelude to that deep warm tight mouth he felt his cock submerge to. He looks quite relieved to experience it.

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6’6″ Payton Milks His Well Endowed Manhood –

The arrival of tall and studly Payton draws the attention of everyone absolutely everywhere he goes – because you simply can’t miss the 6’6 hunk! He’s also super personable, intelligent, and relaxed in front of the camera.

As the saying goes, ‘Big feet…’ and Payton can certainly fill socks! Which makes sense to why he’s so confident and relaxed – seeing that it comes from being genetically blessed with a long, well-endowed dick!

Payton jumps right into the fun and moans out a great performance. We’re glad to step back (and under) the tall jock to watch him relieve some pressure for our cameras!

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Bubble Butt Montana Is The Whole Package –

Montana is a buff guy, and clearly works hard for that body of his. Although he has this great physique, we realized that he’s very modest, “You don’t even know that you’re hot, do you?” He quietly replied, “No, not really.”

Along with his muscular build, his calm demeanor definitely makes him a hottie. Top that off with a bubble butt and a big dick, and you get a great package!

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Ricardo Uses Both Hands To Wrangle His Snake –

Ricardo Uses Both Hands To Wrangle His Snake –

I hope you are ready for an extreme tall glass of Ricardo because we have a sexy Latino standing 6 foot 3 weighing 150lbs and a strong ripe young age of 29. Ricardo is an avid swimmer when he’s not showing off his big thick cock and you can maybe see him running as well since he’s always active and pushing his limits in any way possible. Ricardo has very long sexy legs with beautiful skin to go with it. His physique is amazing because of all the swimming he is constantly doing. He’s a quiet guy with a big thick cock and he loves to stroke it with his two big hands.

He may seem nervous but he is far from that. It takes two hands to stroke this shaft pushing all the blood into every vein possible. With just a couple more strokes of his shaft he comes to a complete stop in his tracks and all of a sudden his sweet main juice oozes out the tip of his dick as it resembles a fierce volcano. Just when you think he is done cumming he somehow reloads and bam with a few more strokes he shoots a long stream of cum multiple times covering himself all over.

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Hung Josiah Goes To Fuckin Work On That Pussy –

Hung Josiah Goes To Fuckin Work On That Pussy –

If you saw Josiah’s solo video, you already know that coed Jamie is in for a treat.

I mean, we expected that Josiah could work some wonders with that huge thick dick of his. We expected the sex to be hot after seeing how in control and erotic he could handle himself sexually in his initial video. Looking at his statuesque and muscled body, we knew he’d have the stamina to handle business.

Knowing all this we expected the sex to be good, as did she – but even then Josiah was able to surpass expectations and give her a fucking she won’t forget!

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